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12 Reasons our Trade Customers only use PROblocks - Part 11

We're almost there with sharing what our Trade Customers love about PROblocks and why they only build with PROblocks.

We'll also be explaining more about how PROblocks differ from other methods for building pools, walls and ponds. Plus, we'll let you in on the huge benefits you'll see from working with PROblocks in your business.

Today's reason is super simple.

Rendering is a pain in the rear. It's a skill that requires a skilled trades person to carry out. It's also something that can easily fail in extreme weather, causing delays and money. With PROblocks our Tile blocks don't need to be rendered. In fact, once you've concreted, you simply buff the surface. The blocks have a mesh front, that allows the concrete cream to seep through. This is then buffed to create a smooth surface, so no need to render. Saving you time, money and the hassle of having to find someone to render, or do it yourself. Imagine the time and money you'll save each time you build like this with PROblocks.

Sound good? Want to know more? Tap the buttons below to get in touch with one of our friendly, helpful team members, who will be able to get you started with PROblocks.


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