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Thinking of building your own pool? You've come to the right place

A pool build can be a daunting process, especially if you can't get all of the answers and information you need. The good news is, that we really love helping people create their dream pool. We provide assisted self-build support services that you can purchase. These services are great for ensuring you're confident in building your own pool. 

Over the years, we've helped many customers realise their dreams of building their own pool. We're here to provide you with everything you need to build your pool successfully. Whether you're just looking for a pool kit and assembly instructions, or you would like to purchase some of our assisted self-build support services, we try our hardest to provide services for everything you might need, to build your dream pool successfully.

With our pool kits, you have the flexibility to build your dream pool yourself or hire a local contractor for your build. 


Feeling overwhelmed?

We've created this incredible FREE guide to take you through the six simple steps to building your pool with the SolidPool system. Created for people just like you, who are looking for support in the steps to building your own pool. 


Tap the link below to download the guide now for FREE. 


Approved by an Olympian

Our pools and self-build kits, have received the seal of approval from former Olympic and Common Wealth Gold medal Swimmer, Chris Cook.


Chris has joined us for training and knows just how simple it is to build the pool of your dreams without lots of experience. 

the orbro self-build approach


Bespoke self-build support services 

Our mission is "to help people build award winning pools". Unlike a lot of pool companies and suppliers, we've created assisted self-build services that you can purchase. These support services are there to help you with key stages of your self pool build. Our assisted self-build services are something you can purchase for yourself or your contractor, so you feel confident with the pool build*. They provide you with the support and guidance at some of the key stages of your build that might feel a little more daunting. 

Assisted building can ultimately save both money and time and gives the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your pool has been installed correctly. Below are all the services we can assist you with your own dream pool:

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Site survey & design
We will discuss exactly what you want from your pool. A full site survey and design allows for accurately quantifying material, labour time, soil and ground conditions to prevent any unforeseen problems. We'll help you build a vision for your pool before you even break ground.

Not sure where to start? Enquire about out training! Our training will give you help and advice on the system to make sure you understand everything. We'll guide you through everything you need to make sure the build goes smoothly. Our training is held either at our HQ unit or can be organised to be on-site.

The groundworks your pool build are very important. Never dealt with digging or uncertain about the groundworks? Our excavation service could be for you. Our team will come along to your home and do all the necessary groundworks for the pool shell, making sure the dig out is clean and safe. 

Base install
Installation of a smooth flat base, us the most important part of the pool build. When it comes to building a pool no one wants a pool that isn't level. Our team can come along to ensure that this critical stage is done correctly, so that you have a beautifully level swimming pool. 

Wall install
Want an extra helping hand with getting your pool walls just right. Our pool wall install service is what you're looking for. Our team will come to your home and install the pool walls. Not only that, they'll place all the fittings where they need to go and pour the walls full of concrete ready for the next stage of the build.  

Pipe install
Installation of your pool pipes and system can be fiddly stage of the build. If you're not feeling confident with fitting together the pipes and installing your pump, contact us about our pipe instal service. This will support you with all your pipe work around the pol and in the plant room. 

Pressure testing

Before area around the pipework has been backfilled, we can come to your home and pressure check your fittings. This service is great for those who've completed their own pipework. We'll come along and pressure test your fittings to save you having to lift anything back up if you have forgotten to glue a joint.  

Pool commission

The final stage of the build is the big switch on of the filtration system, heater and balancing the pool water. With our pool commission service, we’ll be there at this stage, to balance the pool water and get the heater and filter working. Meaning you can start off with the best possible experience.  

Project management

Our project management service is here to support you at the key stages of your pool build. You can choose what stages you require our support and guidance to suit your needs. We'll visit you for the day up to five times during your build to ensure the process is smooth. If you're feeling apprehensive about your pool build, chat to us about our project management service. 

*Assisted self-build services are purchased and bookable subject to availability & travel restrictions. To avoid disappointment, book your assisted self-build services early.

Download your FREE Guide

Feeling overwhelmed? We've created this incredible FREE guide to take you through the six simple steps to building your pool with the SolidPool system. Created for people just like you who are looking for support in the steps to building your own pool. 


Tap the link below to download the guide now for FREE. 

Don't just take our word, here's what our clients say...


Ben, Olly and team were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with from start to finish of the project. And they have been helpful ever since with the inevitable questions that arise from new pool owners.

Our pool is much admired and thoroughly enjoyed by friends and family. And we would not hesitate to recommend Orbro.” 

- James and Rachel Manktelow

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