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The simple pond building system to increase your productivity and profits whilst decreasing the risks on your physical health. 

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Our orbro PROblocks are an innovative, lightweight, permanent shuttering and construction block system for pools, walls and water features.

This UNIQUE system allows ponds to be built quickly, without compromising the quality.


The benefits of the system:
• Ponds can be customised to any size and shape
• 100% 150mm concrete construction. 
• Simple clip together construction
• Build times are not slowed down in any weather
• Designed to accept any finish or liner
• The system is recycled
• A poured concrete shell you don't need to render.

Who pays the price? Save your back

As landscapers, we know how important speed, quality and profit is for your business. Something you might not think of, until it's too late is also your physical health. There were an estimated 40,000 work-related cases of musculoskeletal disorder in the construction industry, which makes up 54% of all ill health in this sector. Time out of your business due to injuries can be very costly. Without you or your team's health, you don't have a business. So it's about time you started taking this seriously. 

When we started out within the landscaping industry, we didn't think to the future with protecting our physical health. We were fortunate to be offered a chance of a lifetime to take on systems that actually support our health, along with our business success. That's why we want to share the system with you. 

When you look at the stats, the construction industry has ruined hundreds of thousands of workers lives though excessive heavy lifting. This naturally has a knock on affect to their families and also they income. So our question to you is, why would you use heavier systems?


PRO training and support

Whether you've never built a pond or you build ponds all the time, we have support and training for you. We can support you take the first steps. Our orbro PROblocks are so simple to use that we have self-builders who build their own pools with the system. 

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read why our business is so much more than creating an income...

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