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Are you a Landscaper, Builder, Architect or Garden Designer looking for a system that will benefit you and your client’s jobs?

Our orbro PROblocks system, offers you an innovative, lightweight, permanent shuttering and construction block system for walls and water features. This unique system allows walls to be built quickly, without any specialist training making it ideal for anyone in a company to use.

Used across the world since 2001, the system is fast becoming the go to system for walls and water features replacing many traditional construction methods, including block work and sleepers. Available in both a straight block or our unique flexible block, for free form walls and features.

The orbro PROblocks are not for you if you want to stick to breaking your back with a dated system. It's for forward thinking savvy trade's people, who want to change the way they build. Those that want to create something incredible, that's built to last, without breaking their back with heavy systems. 

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How the system works

The blocks are built off a traditional strip or raft footing. The blocks themselves are clipped together using the two clips provided, so no mortar is needed.

Rebar is fixed horizontally and vertically as the wall is built and starter bars can be set into footing or drilled and fixed. 
The courses of the blocks, slot into one another like Lego®.

Once the wall is built it is filled with concrete. This can be done either a concrete pump or by hand. The concrete the seeps out of the perforated panel on the front of the block. This side of the block is then smoothed using a plastic float to create a smooth finish. From here the wall can be either be cladded or rendered.

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PRO training and support

We can support you take the first steps in building walls with orbro PROblocks. They are so simple to use that we have self-builder who build their own pools with the system. The system is simple enough for anyone in your company to build with, meaning you can save your most skilled team members for other work. 

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