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So, you're looking for an experienced company to design and build your dream pool & garden...

You've come to the right place. Established in 1999, Orbro POOLS we have a over 25 years of experience as a company building swimming pools and landscapes.  

the orbro approach


For every pool, garden design and build, we take it through a 4-step approach: we listen, we design, we build and you enjoy. This guarantees it’s designed to meet all your needs. Our pools and landscaping are built to last, using the most durable materials and equipment. We create solutions to make maintenance simple, so you can spend your weekends and evenings enjoying your pool.​ 


There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to tell you all the shocking experiences some homeowners have suffered, with poorly planned swimming pool kits and installations. This is why we believe it's vital to go through a thorough a design consultation with an expert before starting a pool build.

orbro POOLS are the only company in West Sussex that offers bespoke Pools and Landscaping under one roof. Meaning every question you have about your pool and garden can be answered by the same person before and after the work is completed.​ We don’t just build pools, we create places you will make amazing memories. We know that the entire pool environment is vital to making your pool work for you, so the correct planning and landscaping really do matter!​


It’s super easy to get started on your pool and garden transformation with us. We'll start by having a consultation where we listen to exactly what you're looking to have created. After all, a good designer knows how to listen. 

We'll use this information to then bring your dream to life with a design that you can not only see in picture form, but experience with a 3D virtual video. We'll work to fine tune this to your exact requirements. 

Then we'll get to work on the build. As you know we work on both pools and landscapes under one roof, eliminating the issue of trying to project manage lots of different companies to achieve your dream pool and garden. 

Once we've done the hard work, you'll be able to kick back and enjoy creating memories that last a lifetime in your new dream pool and garden. 


feeling overwhelmed?

we are big on sharing our knowledge in easy to understand terminology, take a peek and download our 3 FREE essential resources if you're having a pool built

Not sure where to start with planning your pool our 5 Secrets Guide shares the top 5 secrets you need to plan & build a picture perfect pool 

Wanting a little more - maybe you're a bit of a researcher? Head on over to the Orbro blog to find tips, advice and info on everything pools. 

Want to know more about what we do and our ethos, download our orbro POOLS brochure.

When you buy a pool from orbro POOLS, whether it’s a full-build from our expert team, or a self build pool kit, you’ll know you’re buying a quality product that’s built to last.


Our pools and system are built to Eurocode 2. This code relates to the design of concrete structures and specifies technical rules for the design in the UK. This gives you peace of mind that our pools and pool systems are strong and built to last.


We use the SolidPool system for all our full pool installations and also our self-build kits. This ensures the process of building a pool is quicker than some traditional pool building systems. You’ll be swimming in your pool before you know it.


The SolidPool system is made from recycled polypropylene. The system also uses less concrete than more traditional methods. By using this system to build your pool, you’re doing your part to be kinder to the environment.


Pools built to last

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Party ready pools

Pools built to last

Our pools are the future of the industry, both in their build method and also their design. They also create the sort of space you’ll want to enjoy with your friends and family.


Our pools make the perfect addition to your garden if you love to host friends. Make your garden more dynamic and sociable ready for your home and garden parties. With a pool in your garden, you’ll get so much more out of it. By choosing an orbro POOL, you’ll be sure to have your dream pool, that ticks all the boxes for both style and practicality.


We can help you think carefully about your pool design. Our experience in building pools means we can create something that’s best for your garden space and requirements. As experienced landscapers, you can also count on us knowing exactly how to make your pool and garden perfect for all your social events.

Stand-out pools

orbro POOLS are designed to make the neighbors jealous. They are pools that are built to impress! We don’t compromise on style when it comes to our pool design and build. We blend high quality with great style to bring your vision of your dream pool to life.


We know you deserve to build to pool of your dreams and we can help you do that. We’ve spent years building pools for some incredible people, celebrities and luxury companies, so you’ll know the finish of your pool will be impressive. Our pools and system are even endorsed by Olympic & Commonwealth Gold Medalist Swimmer Chris Cook. So you’ll be able to swim like an Olympian in your own pool.


If you’re looking for a pool and garden that stands out, and is built using the best quality equipment orbro POOLs are here to help you achieve that.

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Family friendly pools

Party ready pools

Pools built to last

orbro POOLs are built with memories and family in mind. We want you and your family to get to enjoy and feel safe in or around your new swimming pool.


We believe a pool is such an incredible investment in your family home. Not only are you increasing the value of your home, you’re also creating memories for years to come – and who can put a price on memories.


Whether it’s teaching your children to swim, or watching the grandchildren play in the pool, we can create that dream pool that not only fits your design dreams, but also with safety features and solutions that keep your family safe.


We also offer pools that are low chlorine. With our Ioniser you can achieve a water quality the same as your tap water. By reducing your chlorine levels in your pool it’s better for your family’s skin and health.

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Our Story

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