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meet PROblocks the most innovative blocks since the concrete block in 1890


orbro PROblocks are the simple, lightweight wall building system that has revolutionised the way pools, walls and water features are built in the industry. If you want to:


save time

save you back

prolong your career

increase job numbers

increase profits 

orbro PROblocks are for you

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The Liner block is available in two sizes
440mm and 530mm tall. The smooth
front to the block gives you a perfectly flat face for the liner to sit on, no need to render the blocks smooth.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 09.36_edited.png

The tiled block is available single or double sided. The perforated front allows the concrete to be buffed when poured leaving a perfectly smooth face ready for tiling. No need for extra rendering costs.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 09.36_edited.png

The revolutionary Flexible block
enables you to create seamless curves effortlessly. Available for both liner and tiled pools, walls and hot tubs. The block can be bent to create a 2.4m diameter.

What can you create with orbro PROblocks?

Landscaper & Pool builder testimonial:

"I had seen the system being used by another contractor and realised that I had been doing this the hard way. Since changing to this product I'm no longer beholden to the weather or bricklayers.

My favourite thing about the system was the simplicity, it couldn't be more straightforward. Anyone could use this product. 

By using this system I was able I was able to quickly and efficiently build in all weathers."

Phil Meads - Elements of Nature

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orbro PRO training and support

The system is so simple, we even have self-builders using the blocks to build their own pools. However, we can offer fully comprehensive training on using the system. Whether you're looking to build pools, walls or ponds we can support you with a training day.

You might also like to pop in to our HQ and have a chat about the system and see it in action. We welcome anyone who wants to see a little more to book in a visit to come chat to us. 

How orbro PRO can support you

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read why our business is so much more than creating an income...

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