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Today's a great day, because you've found orbro PRO.
If you're looking to change the way you build, and even how you run your business - you're in the right place.

We're orbro PRO and we're changing the way the trade industry builds pools, walls and ponds. It's our legacy, to be a leader in changing the way the industry build. We want to help you and millions of other trades people, make the change, to work with systems that provide simplicity, speed and can actually prolong your career. 

We've been there, slodging about on sites for over 25 years, lifting heavy blocks or timber/granite sleepers trying to please our customers, looking for the strongest, cheapest retaining wall possible. 

It took us over 12 years of hard graft to realise we were putting extra strain on our bodies, being slowed down on site with poor access, or weeks of bad weather, meaning we couldn't complete jobs without loosing out on profit.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 11.16.58.png

game CHANGERS have been created as solutions to heavy manual work and reducing strain and time when building. 



If you had 50 screws to tighten, what would you rather use?

Tools on a table_edited.png


If you had 100 nails to fix, what would you rather use?




If you were cutting lots of pieces of wood, what would you rather use?

So why are you still breaking your back and wasting time building with slow dated systems?

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who pays the price?

Being in the construction industry is a physically demanding job and can often leave people unable to have a long career, because of the strain on their body. 

We all know someone who has a bad back or suffered an injury on site. PROblocks offer an innovative solution that saves you time and money. Don't pay the ultimate price. Health and wealth is a game changer.

Join the PROblocks revolution and get your life back. 

Wall construction

save your back

Hear from a Pain and Movement Specialist:

"Traditional and heavier blocks aren't just physically more exhausting due to weight, as you tire, you compensate for the weight. You'll use other other muscles and joints to help out, leading to more stress. 

Multiple layers of issues and compensation develop over time, amplifying the problems further. 

Besides less physical stress, these lighter blocks can improve moral and enjoyment with the work, extending your career."

Venard Fong - Pain Free Ninja

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How orbro PRO can support you

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read why our business is so much more than creating an income...

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