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12 Reasons our Trade Customers only use PROblocks - Part 9

We've done the majority of the heavy lifting with this blog series, but we've still got a little bit more to share with you. If you've missed our previous blog posts, we're on day 9 of sharing what our Trade Customers love about PROblocks and why they only build with PROblocks.

We'll also be explaining more about how PROblocks differ from other methods for building pools, walls and ponds. Plus, we'll let you in on the huge benefits you'll see from working with PROblocks in your business.

In an industry filled with injuries caused by heavy lifting (some life changing injuries) PROblocks offers a concrete shuttering system that can help.

We shared yesterday, that when asked, the construction industry shared their number one thing they wish they knew before coming into the industry, was about the physical toll it would have and to take better care of their body. When we've chatted to PROblock customers about their experiences and they've shared things like... "You've only got to trap your fingers between a concrete block once before you know PROblocks are the solution." "Lifting concrete blocks up above your head is not great, but it's also unsafe. The amount of times I've lifted a concrete block up awkwardly and hurt my back."

Hear from a Pain & Movement Specialist:

"Traditional and heavier blocks aren't just physically more exhausting due to weight, as you tire, you compensate for the weight. You'll use other other muscles and joints to help out, leading to more stress. Multiple layers of issues and compensation develop over time, amplifying the problems further. Besides less physical stress, these lighter blocks can improve moral and enjoyment with the work, extending your career."

Venard Fong - Pain Free Ninja

Sound good? Want to know more? Tap the buttons below to get in touch with one of our friendly, helpful team members, who will be able to get you started with PROblocks.


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