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Your Pool Finishes: 6 Steps to Build Your Pool - Handbook Series

6 Steps to Build Your Pool - Handbook Series

Your 6 Steps to Build Your Pool Handbook Series - Now today, we're talking the really exciting stage - your pool finishes.

We'll be sharing with you all things liner, tiles and even the water colour you can achieve with your pool finish. Sound good? Let's dive right in. If you've missed any of our previous emails or blog posts you'll also find it all over on our blog here.

Tiled or Liner?That is the question...

Installing the copings and internal finishes is what brings the pool to life. Choosing the Finish of the Pool is a really personal choice, and something to think about carefully.

It's also something to think about when choosing the system you're going to use to build you pool. For example our system allows you to finish your pool with either liner or tiles, we actually have specific blocks for each finish type, to ensure you get the very best finish possible in the simplest way.

Thinking of a Liner Pool? An on-site Liner is a far superior product to a bag liner. Let's explore more about both types of liner. A bag liner is measured and made off site and then dropped in, if you measure it wrong you will need to have a new liner made. Bag liners have a warranty of about 5-7 years.

With a lot of high-end companies opting for onsite lining it is becoming a go to solution for concrete pools. The quality of the liner and underlay is brilliant. A 4mm underlay is fitted to the walls first and then the 2mm liner cut and welded into position, no creases or lines in the corners or around the coping. The onsite liner comes in a range of colours and textures. Onsite liners have a warranty if about 12 - 15 years.

Thinking of exploring a Tiled Pool?

Tiled pools give a certain look to a pool. Seen as the ultimate in luxury and come in a range of large format tiles down to mosaics.

Having a perfectly flat surface to tile to, is one of the biggest challenges to building a pool, and many people do not have the skills to achieve a high end finish without hiring skilled tradesmen. So if you're thinking os tiling, we'd highly recommend getting some quotes from a skilled tiler. If this is outside of your budget, take a look at the on-site liners as there are now so many options for finishes and even ones that look like tiles.


Getting the pool colour right is so important and can totally effect the look of a pool area and surrounding buildings. A pool will change colour because of the sunlight and also the depth of the pool too. Let's dive in (we know we went there again with the pool puns) to the different colour finishes and how it might look with your pool finish.

Sand: provides a lovely Mediterranean feel to your pool, and has a more turquoise look. It also looks great with limestone slabs.

Blue: will give you that traditional pool colour. Just be careful this doesn't clash with surrounds or painted window colours.​

Grey: will give you a lovely petrol blue colour, not so piercing and the great news is that it blends in with most surrounds.​

Jade: or green colours will give a much more green water, looks great at traditional properties and more natural settings.

​Black: will give you a blue pool on a sunny day. Used a lot for traditional properties or for a statement and usually with either natural pools or used to create a reflective pool.

If this has promoted some questions about your future pool build, give us a call or email (details are below for you). No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help you.

Call us: 01903 944594

Opening hours - Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8am to 4pm.

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