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What you need to know about pool filtration - Handbook Series

6 Steps to Build Your Pool - Handbook Series

Your 6 Steps to Build Your Pool Handbook Series - continues today with filtration and pumps - the heart of your pool.

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Poor equipment will ruin your experience of owning a pool, using energy efficient heating, pumps and water treatment will reduce overall running costs.

We stand by the old saying "you get what you pay for" and we are going to explain to you.... why we use the types of equipment in our own award winning pools.


If you have had a look at pool pumps you will see the industry is literally flooded with pumps, making it hard to make a choice.

Think of the pump as the heart of your pool, constantly running to circulate the water. That’s a lot of work.

We recommend using pumps that:

  • Are quiet running noise

  • Have have enclosed impellers that sit on their own axle and that are made with high grade Stainless steel shaft.

  • Have a mechanical seal in materials like graphite and alumina, so it does not rust.

  • Have at least a 5-year warranty

  • Are highly efficient and use less power to achieve a high efficient flow rate

How we Filter our Pools? We only use sand because it has been tried and tested, not only in its simplicity but also the fact it is compatible with other additives if necessary.

Pool filters are normally made from fiberglass, smooth on the outside but rough on the inside, this rough surface collects bacteria in the one place you want to clean the water.

Our Filters with valves are made of chemical and weather-resistant modified polypropylene.Injection moulded, with the two halves thermally welded.

Highly versatile, with Top or Side-mounted, six-way valve. This gives a perfectly smooth finish on the inside and out, free from bacteria growth.

Where we put our equipment Hiding the pool equipment can be costly. A plant room is often built in a wooden shed. Or if you have a pool house an allocated area is used. We like to use a compact Filtration unit which means you don't have to clutter a pool house up with a plant room, or spoil uninterrupted views with ugly sheds.

All of the pool equipment can be housed in our filtration box. which can be buried partially or fully in the ground. Freeing up space and leaving sight lines around the pool completely untouched. Not only is the plant hidden, the filtration comes pre-plumbed.

How we heat our pools

We get asked all the time what is the most efficient way to heat a pool. There are many ways to heat a pool depending on location, size and what is available, Gas, Electric, Oil, Solar, Ground source or Air source. We recommend air source heat pumps. Think of an air-conditioning unit working backwards. We are using the hot air to heat the pool water.

Top Tip: Plan your pools use. Are you going to use the pool all year? The correct type of cover and heat pump will need to be specified to get the best performance.

It's not just a case of putting a massive heat pump on the pool... Now you can have both quiet running and as near an all year heating as possible. Even if you do not need all year heating having the capability to run with an effective COP (coefficient of performance) at low temperatures means our Heat Pump will allow you to heat an outdoor pool at the beginning and end of the season, normally the hardest times to keep the pool warm.

You want a Heat Pump that is as quiet as possible, so not to disturb you in your garden. Our Inverter Heat Pumps are 10 times quieter than standard heat pumps offering higher COP of over 15 and they can even work down to -7 degrees C and heat water up to 40°C.

Top Tip: You can save energy by having a heat pump that can control the pool filtration pump, turning it on and off intelligently, according to the heating requirement of the pool. With the pump running only when needed noise is reduced as well as running costs, whilst always maintaining the desired pool temperature.

Going for something with Digital controls, gives you ease of operation and accurate pool temperature setting, a Titanium Heat Exchanger, protects against Chlorine in the pool water, a "Soft Start" which reduces the power required when turning the units on and a long warranty on Compressor & Heat Exchanger to ensure things run smoothly, for a long as possible.

If this has got your cogs turning and prompted a question, you'd like to ask, give us a call. No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help you.

Call us: 01903 944594

Opening hours - Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8am to 4pm.

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