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Meet our founders at orbro POOLS

Well hello there...

Whether you spoke to us yesterday, or several years ago, we wanted you to get to know our founders and business a little better...

Think camps, doughnuts on bikes and carts, and that sums up our founders childhood. Brothers Ben and Olly realised at any early age, how a garden can be a place to create memories.

The first pool - well, technically a pond, was build with their brother Richard and Dad (a structural engineer) in their own garden. Their love of building amazing spaces started right there, building as a family.

Once they'd all done a bit of growing up, Ben embarked on a career in design and Olly and Richard formed a high-end landscaping business - with Olly's background in landscaping and Richards flair for business. And with that, Orbro was born (named Orbro to blend the words Olly, Richard and brothers together).

Ben and Olly's careers were bought together in tragedy, as shortly after starting Orbro, Richard sadly took his own life. In honour of their brother they decided to keep the original name Orbro. A lot of Richard's memory lives on in how they approach business and care for each and every client they have the pleasure of working with.

Fast forward a few years and they had an opportunity of a lifetime, to become the UK distributor of a revolutionary and environmentally friendly pool building product - SolidPool.

In fact the Ben and Olly built the very first SolidPool in the UK. A system that reduces environmental impact of pool building, whilst reducing the health issues that arise from the heavy lifting involved in pool building. Not to mention, a system that is faster than the vast majority of pool building methods.

If you've had the pleasure of meeting Ben and Olly, you'll know they truly care, and they're incredibly skilled at what they do. They are passionate about helping you create memories that last lifetime. A passion that cascades down to the team too - you can't help but feel inspired by these two when you work with them.

Ben and Olly are generous, and they want to make swimming pools more accessible and easier to build than ever. This is why you can even get your hands on a self-build pool kit, to build your very own swimming pool. We know, crazy that a company doesn't want to keep it all just for themselves or the experts, but empowers you to build a pool yourself and save yourself thousands - You're welcome :)

They also know building a pool isn't for everyone, so they offer a fully comprehensive start to finish design and build service for swimming pools and landscaping too.

As you can imagine, there's usually quite a queue of people waiting to have their pools and gardens to be designed and built by the Orbro team. Did you know, even professional pool companies get Orbro in to help them build their pools - that's how good these guys are.

So, there you have it, the story of our founders in a nut-shell, along with just a small snippet about what we about here at Orbro.

If you've got questions, get in contact with our incredibly friendly and helpful team. We're excited to speak with you and hope we get to help you build your dream pool - helping your create memories that last a lifetime.


We've a little something for you...

We're planning our next FREE self-build training day, where you can learn how to build your own pool with SolidPool. Our next training day will be coming soon, tap below to join our waiting list and let us know when's best for you.

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