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Can I build a pool in Autumn/ Winter?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The short answer is YES! Autumn and Winter are a great time, because traditionally people won't think to build at this time of year. So, when it comes to getting your pool company booked in to build your pool, if they use the right system, building a pool in winter is a great time.

Building a pool is something that needs planning and time to get it right. So, by getting in contact with your pool system supplier now and getting the kit booked for delivery in Autumn or Winter you'll be able to get it finished ready for Spring. The average pool build takes between 6-12 weeks (after planning and design) to build depending on the system. With us at Orbro our pool builds take around 6-8 weeks depending on what finish you choose. This is just for the pool, so if you'd also like to landscape and pave too, then this would need to be factored into the time too.

The SolidPool system that we use to build pools with, makes your pool build not only strong and long lasting, but it can also be built with all year round and quickly. So yes, you can build a swimming pool in the Autumn or Winter, however, it does depend on what system you choose to build your pool from. Autumn and Winter can be a great time of year to get your pool ready for the new year. By booking in your pool build with Orbro at this time of year, you can get built and ready before the spring and summer rush - when everyone decides they also want a swimming pool. If you’re looking for an expert pool builder to create your dream pool, or even just have some questions, get in contact with our friendly expert team at Orbro today.

Want to start your pool build? Get in touch with our friendly team today. No question is too silly to ask...

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