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12 essential questions you need to ask a pool company - part 8

Today we're looking at where all your pool equipment can go. Does the company you're looking at offer creative solutions for any size shape or layout of garden?

If you missed it, in this blog series, we're breaking down 12 questions you should always ask pool companies before you decide who to use. Plus in the process we'll tell you a little more about us over here at orbro POOLS.

These 12 questions will give you essential information and only the best and most professional companies will disclose this information with you, when you are making the decision to choose which one to go with.

Hiding the pool equipment can be costly, a plant room is often built in a wooden shed or if you have a pool house an allocated area is used. But there is no need to have either a pool house or clutter a pool house up with a plant room, or spoil uninterrupted views.

All of the pool equipment can be housed in our filtration box. which can be buried partially or fully in the ground - freeing up space and leaving sight lines around the pool completely untouched.

Not only is the plant hidden, the filtration comes pre-plumbed saving time on site. Anchored to the ground, with the lateral braces on the walls, it's resistant to land movement. It has been specially designed to blend in discreetly with the land, with its cover.Heavy-duty hinges and special safety lock keep the pool equipment safe. Its ease of transport and access for maintenance work.

It comes in buried or partly buried versions, and with different equipment options to suit every pool’s needs.

An as always if you have a question, tap the email or phone number below to get in contact. No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help support you with your dream pool build. Call us: 01903 944594 Email: Opening hours - Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8am to 5pm.

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