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12 essential questions you need to ask a pool company - part 4

Question number 4 come on down... If you missed it, this blog series, is about breaking down 12 questions you should always ask pool companies before you decide who to use. Plus we'll tell you a little more about us over here at orbro POOLS.

These 12 questions will give you essential information and only the best and most professional companies will disclose this information with you, when you are making the decision to choose which one to go with.

Every pool kit on the market has plastic fittings, but this doesn’t mean they are all the same. So It's important you find out the inside scoop on the quality of the fittings, to ensure longevity.

All of our wall and floor fittings are supplied standard in white Plastic. We have sourced and supply high quality plastic fittings that, compared to cheaper plastic fittings, won’t fatigue and discolour with water that has chemicals in it.

We can also supply Stainless Steel fittings as an upgrade in our package, so depending on the sort of finish and look you are going for with your pool, we can help you achieve this.

An as always if you have a question, tap the email or phone number below to get in contact. No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help support you with your dream pool build. Call us: 01903 944594 Email: Opening hours - Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8am to 5pm.

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