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12 essential questions you need to ask a pool company - part 1

You might think it's 'what's the price?'... We actually recommend this is not something you ask first. Instead, get an understanding of the company with these essential questions before you check on the price. At the end of the day, a cheap pool is only cheap if the quality is good. These 12 questions will enable you to find out more about the company's experience, quality of equipment and method they use and the longevity of your pool. In this blog series, we're going to break down each question and tell you a little more about us over here at orbro POOLS over the next 12 days.

These 12 questions will give you essential information that only the best and most professional companies will disclose this information with you, when you are making the decision to choose which one to go with.

When it comes to building pools, experience matters. Having a company who employs staff with plenty of experience means that there will be very few situations they haven’t encountered before, or which they won’t know how to handle, making the install process much less stressful for you.

At Orbro, our team has over 87 years of pool construction experience. Our directors, Oliver and Ben Bonsor, have over 40 full-time years in construction.

In 2009 our directors were awarded the exclusive rights to import and distribute the SolidPool system throughout the UK and have since been involved in hundreds of pools across the UK.

Ranging from commercial pools, including Glen Eagles Golf resort and The Cube Hotel in Birmingham, Natural Swimming Pools installing shells for company's like the Biotop group and working in domestic gardens, indoor pools and school pools. We are supported by many experienced staff.

Our Pool Mechanical Engineer has 41 years in the industry and is a member of MISPE, Member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (UK). He has built 347 swimming pools, worked on film sets and designs all of our pool kits to suit individual requirements.

Our highly trained and experienced staff, together with our well-established links with quality professionals involved in the process, means we are always learning and progressing with our pool kits.

An as always if you have a question, tap the email or phone number below to get in contact. No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help support you with your dream pool build. Call us: 01903 944594 Email: Opening hours - Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8am to 5pm.

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