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4 Things to consider for perfect pool positioning

Where should I place my pool? - we hear you ask. Let’s start with a bonus tip: poor planning = a poor pool. It really is that simple. If you spend the time now to plan your swimming pool you will avoid the obstacles and get the installation of your dreams.

We’ll share with you insider secrets on getting the perfect pool position. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We’re sure you will have more questions and we’ll be happy to help you answer them. Feel free to pick up the phone and speak to our friendly team on: 01903 944594.

The first thing most pool owners should contemplate, is where to place their new pool. You may have a spot in mind, but we urge you to consider these next four points carefully. They are essential in creating a pool that you will enjoy for years to come.


In the UK we’ve recently enjoyed warmer and longer summers than ever before. In 2022, the UK had record-breaking temperatures over 40 ̊C and we enjoyed warmer weather right through autumn. However, the sun is rarely as hot as it is in warmer climates and you must consider where to position your pool for maximum sun exposure. The heat of the sun will help to maintain the temperature of the water and keep you warm while you’re using the pool. Full sun is good for keeping you and your pool warmer, but you also need to consider some shaded spots around the pool to relax in. These can be created with parasols, sail shades or similar, but you must place them with consideration for the movement of the sun throughout the day.


Where you place your outdoor pool in relation to your house is vital. If you have children you can watch them play and swim with their friends from inside the house – this important safety consideration should never be overlooked. In addition to the safety benefits, you are more likely to use your pool if you can see it from inside your property. Imagine looking out the window as your morning coffee brews, the glistening water tempting you to take a dip. The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming report ( describes how swimming improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, improves lung capacity and increases bone strength. What more encouragement would you need, especially if you’re installing your pool with fitness in mind.


Trees and tall planting can provide some welcome shade around your pool, but even evergreen trees and shrubs drop leaves and debris from time to time. We’re sure you want to spend your time swimming and relaxing, rather than skimming your pool to remove leaves! All planting should be carefully considered, but if you’re planning to install your pool near to existing trees you may want to think again. Tree roots are a consideration for any construction project, from extensions to outbuildings and, yes, you’ve guessed it, swimming pools, too. Tree root systems can cause issues in the future, so our advice is to avoid the worry and position your pool away from large trees.


Wind chill is a factor to think about. You may not notice the breeze when sitting on your patio with your fire pit crackling in the early evening, but it could have a big impact on your enjoyment of the pool. You see, wind does two things: 1) it causes evaporation of the water, meaning the water needs to be replaced and therefore heated to maintain your desired temperature; and 2) it cools the water across the whole pool, again requiring your heater to run.

While we can’t control Mother Nature, there are solutions to minimise the impact of wind chill. First, you will need to consider the wind direction when choosing the position of your pool, and if the breeze is unavoidable you can look at adding features to create a barrier. Screening, raised planting, and even walls are all options to create shelter.

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