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12 Reasons our Trade Customers only use PROblocks - Part 7

We're now more than half way through sharing what our Trade Customers love about PROblocks and why they only build with PROblocks.

We'll also be explaining more about how PROblocks differ from other methods for building pools, walls and ponds. Plus, we'll let you in on the huge benefits you'll see from working with PROblocks in your business.

Whilst PROblocks entered the industry as a swimming pool shuttering system. However, the blocks are versatile and can be used for various uses. Whether you're looking to build a retaining wall, pool or even a pond or water feature, PROblocks can be used. PROblocks are easy to cut, it's how our swimming pool team at orbro POOLS fit pool fittings into the system. They can actually use any fixtures of fittings as the system is customisable.

Another great feature of PROblocks is the different types of blocks. We have several sizes, finishes and types of blocks, this includes our Flex Block which enables you to create beautifully curved walls with ease. There are also two finishes of PROblocks, our Tile Block that can be buffed when concreted instead of having to render and also our Liner Block which you can line straight onto.

Our customers love how versatile the product is and that they can buy PROblocks to work well with any job they have running. They know it makes a job a lot more simple and less demanding too.

Sound good? Want to know more? Tap the buttons below to get in touch with one of our friendly, helpful team members, who will be able to get you started with PROblocks.


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