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12 Reasons our Trade Customers only use PROblocks - Part 4

We're in the thick of sharing what our Trade Customers love about PROblocks and why they only build with PROblocks.

We'll also be explaining more about how PROblocks differ from other methods for building pools, walls and ponds. Plus, we'll let you in on the huge benefits you'll see from working with PROblocks in your business.

We recently had a comment on social media about not choosing to build you home out of plastic blocks. We realised for some people they don't understand what exactly are blocks are... PROblocks are in fact a shuttering system. Maybe previously you've worked with wood shuttering, polystyrene or maybe even concrete blocks that you filled with concrete.

So instead of building shutters from other sources or spending hours and lots of heavy lifting building with concrete blocks, PROblocks are lightweight blocks that simple clip together to build a shutter framework.

This shuttering stays in the ground and then acts as a surface to work from too. For example our Tile Blocks can be buffed when concreted to create a surface ready to tiled, so no render is required. If you're in the pool, pond or water feature business, our Liner Blocks are ready to apply liner directly to the surface of the block after you've concreted. So, we're definitely not saying you can simply build a wall with just PROblocks and leave them as they are. They require rebar and concrete to finish the job.

But what PROblocks do, is create a simple, efficient method for shuttering pools, walls, ponds and water features, so you don't have to break your back, be stopped by weather or be delayed by bad weather. And this is why our orbroPRO customers absolutely love PROblocks.

Sound good? Want to know more? Tap the buttons below to get in touch with one of our friendly, helpful team members, who will be able to get you started with PROblocks.


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