"Are YOU Looking for a Company to Design and Build,YOUR dream Pool and Garden"?

Creating your new Swimming Pool area will be the most Exciting and Fun

experience you will do in your garden.

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So, how can you really choose the best design for your Swimming Paradise if

not on price or from the glossy pictures…?

With so many choices it can be hard to know where to begin.

Orbro have put together 5 Secrets to building picture perfect pools and landscapes. In this Guide we share how you can get a Swimming Pool and Surround that suits your life style and budget, while avoiding the problems that plague poor swimming Pool and Landscape installations


It really is that simple…

Let me explain…

Every pool and garden design and build goes through 4 key stages. This guarantees it’s well designed to your needs. Built to last using the most durable materials and equipment...

and easy to maintain so you can spend your weekends and evenings enjoying it.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to tell you all the shocking experiences some homeowners have suffered, with poorly planned swimming pool kits and installations.

We’re the only company in West Sussex that offers bespoke Pool and Landscaping under one roof,  meaning every question you have about your pool and garden can be answered by the same person before and after the work is completed.

At Orbro we don’t just build pools, we create places you will make amazing memories. We know that the entire pool environment is vital to making your pool work for you, so the correct planning and landscaping really do matter!


It’s super easy to get started on your pool and garden transformation with us.

To do this, we first listen to what you tell us during our initial consultation. A good designer knows how to Listen


The information you provide us enables us to produce a concise design based on your exact needs.


Here’s how you get your dream pool and garden


First of all, you need to get a pool and  garden ‘master plan design’ before you build anything.


Now that’s pretty obvious, but it’s also always necessary, because it helps us focus on the two most important factors of your pool and garden design.


A. What you want from your pool and  garden (including the plants within it)


B. How you’ll use the pool and garden most when it’s finished.


Before you dismiss anything let’s look at what you want. If (and it’s a very big if), we don’t think it will work, we’ll find a way to get it to work. The only time we’ll suggest alternatives, is if we know there’s no benefit to you having it.


You need to understand how much you want to use the space so we can work hard on planning. We want to be careful to get this right first time.


Start with the end in mind


The three discussions all happen around these three elements;


The Pool

You need to look at practical elements of the design, such as;


  • the size of pool

  • the depth of pool

  • the shape of the pool

  • the finish of the pool, tiles or liner.

  • the position in relation to the house


Plus, the less aesthetic parts but most important parts like;


Drainage… Covers… Heating… Safety of the pool… Filtration....Water quality........

…and anything else that fits your pool type.


Hard landscaping


You need to look at practical elements of the design, such as;


  • Where you want to sit when the sun shines

  • How big you want your patio space to be

  • Levels and retaining walls

  • The boundaries, fencing, screens

  • The relationship between the inside and outside.


Soft Landscaping


You need to consider more softer features and it's these features that can really make a pool and garden.


  • The lawn shapes and sizes

  • Which way does the garden face

  • What shrubs and trees best fit your own ‘mini micro climate’

  • How much maintenance you would like

  • How you’ll water the plants

  • Whether growing vegetables fits within the design…


…and, lots more things unique to your design.



Finally, there’s putting your stamp on the pool and garden and finishing the space off.

We’ve already discussed you can include lighting, but what about;


  • Storage space

  • A utility area

  • A hot tub

  • A sauna

  • A garden office or study

  • A garden kitchen

  • An outdoor shower

  • Sculptures

  • Feature walls

  • Benches

  • Climbing walls


So, lots to work on to get the ‘bespoke finish’ for your garden.


That’s how you should approach building you ‘dream pool and garden’.


I’m sure you have a few more questions. How long does it take to build? What will I need to invest? How do I get started today?

So, pick up the phone now and give me a call on 01903 944594


Best wishes,

Benedict & Oliver




Ben, Olly and team were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with from start to finish of the project. And they have been helpful ever since with the inevitable questions that arise from new pool owners.

Our pool is much admired and thoroughly enjoyed by friends and family. And we would not hesitate to recommend Orbro.” 

- James and Rachel Manktelow

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