The demand for the construction of swimming pools from today’s homeowners is increasing, but your conventional swimming pool can be very expensive and time consuming to install. Our patented block system is available to installers, any size and any shape. SolidPool is an innovative way for people to enjoy a custom concrete swimming pool at an affordable price. Whether you’re an experienced builder or just starting out, our SolidPool building system is easy to install, lightweight and perfect for all weathers. If you are a homeowner and are yet to engage with a builder/installer we are able to carry out the work or of course recommend trusted teams who we have experience working along side. 

The tiled block is available single or double sided. The perforated front allows the concrete to be buffed when poured leaving a perfectly smooth face ready for tiling. No need for extra rendering costs.

The revolutionary Flexible block

enables you to create seamless curves effortlessly. Available for both liner and tiled pools, walls and hot tubs. The block can be bent to create a 2.4m diameter.

The Liner block is available in two sizes

440mm and 530mm tall. The smooth

front to the block gives you a perfectly flat face for the liner to sit on, no need to render the blocks smooth.

“10 reasons why the SolidPool System is used in over 25 countries worldwide.”

Lightweight only 3.5kg reducing construction time.
The only block that you can bend to create curves and circles.
Continuous 150mm strong reinforced wall structure.
No need to render the pool walls once concrete has been poured.
Simple “clip” together construction, no need for skilled labour.
Competitive in price to traditional constuction methods.
Specific blocks for tiled or liner above or below ground.
Fittings are easily cut out of the polypropolene blocks.
SolidPool can be built in any weather. No delays!!
Great for limited access sites.

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