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Plan Your Pool: 6 Steps to Build Your Pool - Handbook Series

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

6 Steps to Build Your Pool - Handbook Series

Introducing your 6 Steps to Build Your Pool Handbook Series - A series of emails and blog posts helping you to build your own swimming pool with confidence.

Today we kick things off with planning your pool. Let's dive in, to some of the key things you might not even realise you need to think about, before embarking on your pool build - yes, we went there with the cheesy pool joke.

This is the biggest part to getting your pool right. It might seem really obvious to say, "you need to carefully plan your pool", but there’s considerations you might not think about, that can really change the look, feel and usability of your pool. That’s why we’re about to share some of our top tips top things to consider before deciding on your pool design:

The Usage Think... A. What do you want from your pool and garden (including the plants within it)?

B. How will you use the pool and garden most, when it’s finished.?

Knowing the main usage is going to help you understand what you need you pool to have equipment wise, the shape, style and even the location too.

The Location

Next consider, what's it going to be near? You want to consider things close by like buildings, trees that might have leaves falling, how the sunlight effects this area. You'll want to make sure your pool is sheltered from things like wind or maybe more private, if you have neighbours close by.

Site Considerations

This is something that you might be less likely to think about, but it has a huge impact on the type of pool you can have and the amount you might need to spend on a pool project. Things you will need to investigate are the water table (with some inspection holes), hard standing for diggers, grab lorries and concrete lorries to drive onto, making sure the access is big enough to allow large machinery to access the site, the elevation of the site and also if there is scope for the spoil removed to be used on-site to landscape.

Visualise with a Design and Plan

Having a plan drawing or even a full design with CGI video, does make things a lot easier to work from and also helps you visualise the finished job. We find a lot of customers like to see what it will look like, so we do provide a design service, which you can enquire about this here.

Having a plan isn't just about the aesthetics, but more importantly about planning things like the pipework, drainage and filtration for the pool. Knowing where this goes, will help you or your builder avoid any mistakes along the way.

If this has got your cogs turning and prompted a question, you'd like to ask, give us a call. No question is ever too silly to ask. Our friendly team are here to help you.

Call us: 01903 944594

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