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Creating memories with your family pool…

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Our love for outdoor spaces and water goes way back to when we were kids. It wasn’t so much the flowers and nature we were interested in, but the fun adventures and games we could create.

In fact, there wasn’t any grass left in our garden growing up! We would spend all day on a Saturday playing football between two wooden trestles as goals, pretending to be star players at the twin towers of Wembley. We would climb the cherry trees and silver birches and pretend to be Tarzan. We would watch Robin Hood and make bows and arrows, or wooden swords to have epic fights on the crazy paving patio. We dug trenches and put wood over them, backfilling them with soil and would spend hours crawling underneath the ground like we were in a war film, firing air rifles and catapults. We would make swamps and aerial run slides and camps in the old lady’s derelict garage. Our bikes would transform into Kawasaki motorbikes and we’d ride side by side and pretend to be the chips police men, or play burnouts to see who would crash first on the dusty brands-hatch track. When the street skips were left on the roads, we would forage for anything we could turn into a go kart or den. This is when we realised your garden could become anything you wanted it to be... as long as you had the vision, anything was possible to create a magical experience!

Our journey started with building a pond with our Dad at the weekends. It was from here that we evolved into building incredible spaces outside that helped other families create memories for years to come. Pools were a natural progression because they bring a family together in such a beautifully unique way. Not only is it a space to entertain, have a posh do or relax in like you’re abroad (well definitely in the weather we’ve had lately). But a swimming pool creates a way to connect the family through fun, games and learning new skills.

Do you remember your first memory of being taught how to swim?

It’s a moment where there’s fear, joy, excitement and a sense of adventure. The sensation on your skin is amazing and when you first get those moments of getting to grips with swimming you feel invincible. It’s such an essential (potentially lifesaving) skill to gain as a child. Having your parents be a part of those first few moments of swimming create such a bond.

Our ambassador Double Commonwealth Champion, British Record holder, Commonwealth Record holder, World Medallist, European Medallist and Olympic Finalist Chris Cook, believes that by learning to swim is not only a skill for life but it also teaches our children how to strive, to become more determined and to correct their own mistakes. All skills that are essential for all aspects of our young swimmers lives and the benefits will be evident to see. Learning to swim helps capture their imagination, inspire their hearts and helps reinforce the core values that allow them to strive to be the best they can be, in all they do, inside and outside of the pool.

If you’re looking to make these sorts of memories in a pool of your own, get in contact with our friendly expert team at Orbro today. We'll be able to answer any questions you might have or ease the overwhelm of building your own pool.

Want to start your creating memories with your pool build? Get in touch with our friendly team today. No question is too silly to ask...

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