Our Story


It all started back in 1981.... well that's as far back as we can remember!

Our love for outdoor spaces and water goes way back to when we were kids. It wasn’t so much the flowers and nature we were interested in, but the fun adventures and games we could create.

In fact, there wasn’t any grass left in our garden growing up! We would spend all day on a Saturday playing football between two wooden trestles as goals, pretending to be star players at the twin towers of Wembley. We would climb the cherry trees and silver birches and pretend to be Tarzan. We would watch Robin Hood and make bows and arrows, or wooden swords to have epic fights on the crazy paving patio. We dug trenches and put wood over them, backfilling them with soil and would spend hours crawling underneath the ground like we were in a war film, firing air rifles and catapults. We would make swamps and aerial run slides and camps in the old lady’s derelict garage. Our bikes would transform into Kawasaki motorbikes and we’d ride side by side and pretend to be the chips police men, or play burnouts to see who would crash first on the dusty brands-hatch track. When the street skips were left on the roads, we would forage for anything we could turn into a go kart or den.

This is when we realised your garden could become anything you wanted it to be... as long as you had the vision, anything was possible to create a magical experience!

It’s this culture that we have taken into our business since we started operating professionally together in 1999. We are very proud to be a family business and being a smaller company, we can ensure we provide excellent quality of service to each and every one of our customers, many of whom we can now call friends.

We get asked all the time what Orbro means, ... so let us tell you. It's the initials from Olly and Richard and then Bro for brothers.

What has this got to do with gardens I bet you're thinking? Nothing really, but let us explain why it’s such an important name to us, why it’s so influential to our business and how it effects your dream pool or garden...

It all began when we built a family pond with our Dad at the weekends. Our Dad was a structural engineer and he taught us many different skills while we were growing up. He had many years in the construction and manufacturing industries and provided us and our customers with lots of help and support. 

Olly left school and was accepted on a horticulture apprenticeship. He learnt all about plant conservationlandscape restorationsoil management, landscaping, garden design, construction and maintenance as well as arboriculture. He then went on to work in this area, gaining huge amounts of experience from a very young age.


Olly and our brother Richard had planned to create a high-end Landscaping company, using Ollys' extensive horticultural knowledge and Richards' flare for business.  Unfortunately these plans changed when Richard took his own life in 1999.​ It was this tragedy that brought mine (Ben) and Ollys’ careers together. 

After school I (Ben) studied art and packaging design and worked for brands like Sainsburys, Waitrose and Onken. This background, along with my natural eye for design, colours and form served me well when I later went on to do a Landscape design course

Olly and I then put together our experience and skills to create Orbro. We decided to keep the name Olly and Richard had planned, as a memorial to our brother. It's a name we want to last for ever for personal reasons and a name we want our clients to remember, for our quality and creativity. We also want to be remembered for the Fun and memories we create for our clients, through our pools and gardens. Every job we undertake is built knowing that Orbro did it, with a combination of hardwork and attention to detail.

We love our jobs. We get to create magical places, with Swimming Pools and landscapes, for families to experience what we had growing up - memories that will be with you for life. 


Orbro – Creating memories for years’ to come.